The Antimicrobial Slide

Not only does our system provide a boost in efficiency with its space saving capabilities, it is also fitted with products and treatments specifically suited to kill germs and prevent the spread of bacteria. Read more about our safety-first features:

Customized Doors
We can provide an antimicrobial finish for any type of door including aluminum, hollow metal, plastic laminate, or for doors with wood veneer.

Custom Powder Coats
We apply an antimicrobial powder coat to the entire surface of the frame material. This ensures that not only will your frame be durable and architecturally pleasing but will have bacteria-fighting properties as well.

Bactericidal Hardware
Door handles and locks are some of the most commonly touched places. Protect against unwanted germs on your hardware with an antimicrobial finish or bactericidal copper alloy.

A few facilities that have used our systems:
Methodist Healthcare
VA Facilities

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