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Serenity offers several solutions geared toward medical office buildings, surgery centers, labs, hospitals, and beyond. 

Designed with Healthcare in Mind

The Medical Slide

With many thoughtful features, The Medical Slide is perfect for healthcare spaces. Not only does it aid in construction costs by saving space at every opening, but it helps to keep pathways free and clear for busy staff members. With no swing door to maneuver around and a concealed floor guide, rolling carts and equipment enter with a breeze. Sealed for sight and sound, this system is perfect for rooms where the privacy of details matter. 


The MedLift Slide

Designed to improve patient accessibility, the MedLift Slide features an opening in the track to accommodate a ceiling lift. This allows patients with limited mobility to be transported by lift, reducing risk of injury to patients and caregivers. This system is an increasingly popular option for inpatient restrooms. 

Increase Facility Biosafety

Antimicrobial Surface Treatments

Public doors and door handles are some of the most touched places, making them a hot spot for germ activity. Protect against surface contamination with an Antimicrobial Surface Treatments. This optional upgrade, includes several processes for the door, frame, and hardware. 

Reduce the SPread of Germs

Go Touchless

Take your system automatic with an auto operator. This addition provides hand-free access, reduces high frequency touchpoints, and increases ease of use. With near-limitless options for access hardware, you can customize to the security needs of your facility. With sensory devices, users can simply walk up to the door for automatic entry. 

Explore Your Options

Customize Your System

When it comes to hardware, we have several options for you to choose from. Serenity’s systems can be equipped with any locking function including key, privacy, magnetic, or self-latching locks. Combined with a spring close, your system can close and lock automatically for added security. We even offer a Sloped Valance for easier cleaning in sterile environments. Choose between a variety of door slab, finish, glazing, and hardware options below. 

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