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Serenity offers secure solutions and options to accommodate larger openings including multi-door systems, bi-part doors, bypass, and telescoping doors.

secure your space

The SecureSlide

Designed to easily secure spaces, the SecureSlide features a spring close and self-latching lock to automatically close and lock behind the user. Tested to one million cycles, our spring close is built to last. Equipped with a concealed floor guide, the SecureSlide operates like a dream.

Open Simultaneously

The SyncSlide

Ideal for conference rooms and large openings, the SyncSlide uses a hidden belt to open and close both doors simultaneously. This keeps the doors in the same position, either open or closed. Pair the SyncSlide with optional locking, sidelites, or a transom for your ideal solution.

Solve Large Openings

The TeleSlide

Opening by sliding one door in front of the other, this multi-door system is perfect for larger openings and tight spaces. While it can expand or contract based on your needs, it’s great for providing flexibility for your facility. Equipped with a soft close, these systems are quiet and easy to operate. For those looking to secure a space, locking options are available.

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