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Serenity Releases NEW STC 35 Sliding Door System

[Saturday, July 1, 2023] – Get to know the MedSlide Pro, Serenity’s latest system for acoustic healthcare projects.

Meet the MedSlide Pro!

In addition to having all the standard features of Serenity’s original MedSlide, the MedSlide Pro has a rating of STC 35. This rating was provided by industry leader, Intertek. STC represents the sound transmission class, which is the measurement used to calculate the level of sound transmission between rooms. The higher the rating, the better the sound isolation.

How Does It Work?
The MedSlide Pro achieves this rating through both the Serenity Sound Seal and an Automatic Door Bottom. The Sound Seal is created by installing internal gasketing within all sides of the frame. The Automatic Door Bottom is fully mortised within the bottom of the door, and drops automatically when the door is in a closed position. 

Serenity Sound Seal
Automatic Door Botttom

Perfect for Patients, Superior for Staff

The MedSlide Pro provides both privacy for patients and ease of use for staff. With no swing door to maneuver around, users have a wider access point and streamlined path of travel. By incorporating a soft close, the door comes to a smooth and quiet controlled stop every time. The MedSlide Pro is available with a variety of door slabs, finishes, and hardware options – including nearly any locking function. It is ideal for many healthcare applications, including exam rooms, clinics, medical offices, and more. 

Questions on the MedSlide Pro? Reach out to team at [email protected].

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