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Serenity Assurance Program

Our Serenity Assurance Program is designed with you in mind.

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How does it work?

Each SAP enrollee is assigned a Technical Consultant (TC) who will help walk you through our program, providing a report upon the completion of each step. 

How do I qualify?

Projects larger than 100 openings are automatically enrolled in this program free of change. 

For projects with 50-99 openings, the program is available for an additional fee. Speak with an associate for details.

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The Serenity Assurance Program Process

Installation Training

Prior to product shipment, we will provide on-site training of the subcontractor and distributor for proper installation techniques at either the jobsite, the distributors facility, or another location to be decided. Once training is complete the T.C. will provide an Installation Training (IT) Report.

Pre-Install Inspection

As the walls are constructed, a Serenity representative will randomly audit at least 20% of the rough openings to determine if the construction is meeting requirements and report back to the T.C. their findings. The T.C. will provide a Pre-install Inspection (PRE) Report.

Post-Install Registration

The T.C. will provide a Post-Install Registration (POST) Report within 45 days of customer notification. This will include checking each opening for install and performance quality. We will also provide an on-hands parts inventory and training on how to replace or repair system components that can get damaged in the field.

Year One Tune-Up

By the end of the first year after installation, the T.C. will re-audit the project to ensure functionality. They will work with the Facility Manager to correct any issues and submit a S.A.P. Y1 Report.

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Serenity Assurance Program

STEP 5 – Yearly Tune-ups (Optional)

After the Y1 Tune-Up, the owner can subscribe to a yearly tune-up for up to 4 more years. For a fee, the T.C. will re-audit the project to ensure functionality.

For questions or additional information on the Serenity Assurance Program, please call (719) 212-6007 or email [email protected]