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Serenity Assurance Program

The Serenity Assurance Program is designed to ensure the performance of your system for years to come. Through expert training and product support, we can minimize problems for your facility and avoid costly errors down the road.

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How does it work?

This program involves 5 different steps – including training, product support, and yearly tuneups. Every project is assigned a Technical Consultant to walk you through from start to finish.

How do I qualify?

Projects larger than 100 openings are automatically eligible free of charge! For smaller projects, the program is available for an additional fee.

5 simple steps

The S.A.P. Process

Installation Training

Prior to shipment, we provide on-site training of the subcontractor and distributor for proper installation.

Pre-Install Inspection

During construction, we provide a survey on the rough openings to ensure requirements are met.

Post-Install Registration

After installation, we provide a survey of each opening for install and performance quality in addition to a parts inventory and additional training.

Year One Tune-Up

After one year, we re-audit the project to ensure functionality and work with the Facility Manager to correct any issues.

Optional Yearly Tune-Ups

For an additional fee, we provide optional yearly tune-ups for up to 4 more years as well as an opportunity to re-audit the project for functionality.


Contact Our Team

For questions or additional information on the Serenity Assurance Program, please reach out to our team below.