The Medical Slide

Specifically designed with healthcare in mind, this system is perfect for all of your medical applications. With our Serenity Sound Seal System, we’re able to provide your patients with privacy and help to meet HIPAA regulations. Sealed from sight lines and capable of an STC-35 equivalent sound rating, these doors are perfect for exam rooms where the privacy of details matter. Our system will help maximize your floor space and has a concealed floor guide that won’t get in the way of rolling carts! Our door can even be taken down in an emergency, similar to rescue hardware.

We offer a wide variety of hardware to meet your specific needs. Your system can be outfitted to have a privacy indicator, to be lever lockable, key lockable, or have a push button. Our standard hardware consists of a backer plate, box track, fascia, receiving channel, felt gasketing, and a concealed floor guide. Find the handle or pull you want or ask us for help! Our system is versatile and fully customizable. If we don’t offer something you need, let us know and we will work with you to find the best solution. Incorporate the Medical Slide into your facility for a modern look with commercial durability.

The Antimicrobial Slide

We’re happy to introduce our new inclusive safety-first system. In addition to our standard features, The Antimicrobial Slide offers options for specifically sourced products and treatments designed with health in mind. These components help to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the surface of your system and make the Antimicrobial Slide ideal for healthcare applications and high use areas such as labs, exam rooms, hospitals and more.

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