Make Your System Touch Free

In light of the new normal, the design and construction industry has been erupting with innovations, and Serenity is no exception. We’re dedicated to creating new ways to better serve you in the current times.

In addition to introducing our new Antimicrobial Surface Treatment, we also offer electric operators! This device can make your system touch-free, allowing for easy operation and reducing the risk of transferring bacteria.

Endless Options for Access Hardware

When it comes to operating your automatic door, there are many access control options. These options present solutions for every level of security. Our system is compatible with many solutions, including simple push buttons, overhead sensors, touchpads, and swipe keys. Through sensory devices, users can walk up to the door, and it opens automatically.

Automating Existing Systems 

Already have a system installed? No problem! We can easily retrofit an electric operator onto any past opening. This hardware suits commercial, architectural, and healthcare projects. Improve the biosafety of your facility today!

Please reach out with any questions to [email protected] or 719.212.6007.

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