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Serenity Releases NEW MedLift Slide

As Serenity’s latest sliding door system for healthcare, the MedLift Slide is at the forefront of innovation. By incorporating a ceiling lift into the track, this system takes patient accessibility to the next level.

Through its thoughtful features, improvements in mobility, and reduction of injuries – there’s no better solution for patient care.

Save-Space and Increase Efficiency

Serenity’s wall-mounted systems make it easier for everyone to move within the space. With no swing door to maneuver around, end users have a wider access point and streamlined path of travel. By eliminating the space needed to open with a swing door, Serenity’s systems save up to 30 sq. ft. on every opening. With the rising cost of construction, sliding doors are an ideal solution.

Improve Comfort for End Users

By incorporating a soft close, the door comes to a smooth and controlled stop, every time. In addition to being easy to operate, Serenity’s systems are perfect for patient privacy. Through integral gasketing on the inside and outside of the door slab and receiving channel, the MedLift Slide is sealed for sight and sound. As an added benefit, these systems are built to meet ADA requirements.

Improve Patient Mobility and Reduce Injuries

Designed with mobility in mind, the MedLift Slide features an opening in the track to accommodate a ceiling lift. For patients with trouble getting around, ceiling lifts can be used to help move from place to place. This hardware heavily reduces the risk of injury to both patients and caregivers. Without the use of a lift, patients may need to be moved manually by the staff. With the MedLift Slide, you can ensure a comfortable and dignified experience for everyone involved. 

Customize For Facility Needs

Highly customizable, the MedLift Slide can integrate perfectly with your care environment. Serenity offers all standard finishes, paint, stain, and laminate. Doors can be powder coated any color or paired with a wood veneer to match existing wood. No matter whether the design is more modern, or more traditional, Serenity has offerings to accommodate all styles. For those looking interested in antimicrobial solutions, a surface treatment can be added.

By combining Serenity’s commercial barn door with a ceiling lift, space is saved with a clean, attractive, easy-to-use solution. For any facility that includes the MedLift Slide, patient and staff experiences will undoubtedly improve. The MedLift Slide has many applications including inpatient restrooms, medical buildings, surgery centers, assisted living, and beyond. 

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